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Dr. Oz had a show which featured a derm taking from a woman's lower body fat stores and then injecting it into her face to fill wrinkles. The claim is this is the ideal filler because it's from one's own body. Couldn't a person end up with cellulite or lipomas on their face down the road with this procedure?
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I think this is safe, as long as you can get a certified plastic surgeon who is trained in doing fillers using one's own body fat. I don't think it's a matter of the material, but how and where you put it. I have heard many horror stories about botched fillers, with people ending up with filler in all the wrong places.

hth, bobochu
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The best information I have found from an advisor to dermatologists is that about 50% of the fat grafts succeed in terms of patient satisfaction.

Search "fat transplants" on internet.
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