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I work in the internet field and just wanted to mention quickly about internet based companies. Specifically ones that have no backing published works, and no true medical expertise.

I see people every day buying the new "hair regrowth" herbal products, or the new "scar removal silicon sheet(?)" or even as far as vitamins that claim to CURE hair and skin problems.

The U.S. government has no real rules, regulations or classifications for internet based companies, which is why so many scams exist online. They only recently banned gambling online. Which only affects online sites that have a U.S. address included to the registered business. They can live in america, register the company in any other country and because the address wouldn't be in the U.S., they can scam all day long on their site. They can even lie about the use of the product. Herbal products easily fall under this category. Especially hair regrowth and skin beauty ones.

<b>There is no Internet world wide 'rules and regulations' for online businesses. </b>Especially if you register your business in any other country but america. I hope that people read this and understand why they need to be careful about buying products online, and only from trusted sites (like this one). For example (for people looking to cure hair loss), very few products are approved for use and sale in america, so 99% of all hair loss sites are SCAMS. Don't trust them if they don't have any backup works. Don't trust some guy who discovered an ancient secret to hair loss. There isn't one. If it exsited it would be used by every male with hair loss.

If anyone has any websites to stay away from (because their products are a scam) please reply to this post and hopefully people will become aware.

I will start:
This company's product actually caused severe hair loss in a friend of mine.
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