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I would like to suggest a different container for the Nail Peptide cream. I would like to see the NP go into a container like the Folligen for Blondes instead of a jar with a screw off top.

I find the cream does not last very long w/ the screw off tops as the cream is exposed to contaminents from our fingers and also exposed to air more than in a closed bottle. The nail peptide creams that I have bought over the years have always hardened &/or soured before the product is finished. This tends to happen to other creams that are in the screw off tops as well, but the nail peptide is by far, the worst.

I've tried the Folligen for Blondes on my nails and the application is very easy coming from the tip of the bottle to the cuticle. I'd prefer to stick w/ the nail peptide, though, since that product is designed specifically for nails. It just seems very expensive in that it is a small amount in the jar (compared to the FB) and it goes bad 1/2 way or 3/4 of the way through the container.
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I agree. I actually hate the jars period. Even in the fridge product gets gooped in the lining.

Edit: It hasn't gone bad, though. Just noticed that part. The products last virtually forever and even the goopy parts smooth out and are usable...just kinda gross :P People have been using FFB for a long time on nails so it's good to at least have the back-up. But I'm still with ya on the screw-top jars. Just messy.
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Hi Girls... Smiler

To be honest with you, I think the nail cream is too thick for the dropper bottles. Even FFB in the 1 oz dropper bottle is hard to apply once you get into it, since it is also on the thicker side with the nail cream even thicker.

Personally, I have no problem with the screw top & the product not going bad. I leave one by my computer & one by my night stand for daily use. I see what you mean about contamination concern, but since this goes on our nails (hands & feet) it is not as problematic as applying a product to your face.

I actually did the opposite & transferred my FFB into a screw top jar because it is so difficult to get out of the dropper.

If you let it sit though it can harden over time but is still usable.
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I actually dislike the smaller droppers too. I think a jar is nice for the nail peptide cream, I just think the jar needs a revisit so the product doesn't catch as much. I also keep 1 near my computer and 1 in the fridge (great minds). I noticed that summer has officially taken effect on the products. They are completely as effective, but with Chicago humidity even my fridge-stash is a bit runnier than it normally is. I like the BND cream jar. Maybe that exact jar just smaller :P (that's a lotta nail cream!).

I have the larger, shampoo-bottle style FFB after I went through samples and realized it's great for no TPNR moments. That one is nice but when the fridge is ultra cold I have to take off the cap and smack it like ketchup :P It does chill nicely for the most part.
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Dear foxe:

Thank you for posting your feedback - We will take that into consideration.

With our gentle preserving agent the product actually should last quite well even though it is in a jar.

But since the products are basically "hand-made" and certain batches can come out quite thick, it has been a challenge for us to find packaging that will allow clients to get the most out of the product while keeping it as fresh as possible.

As we gather feedback, we pull from what the majority would like to see and at times are able to make improvements in our packaging.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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