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I just found out that Zinc Oxide containing sunscreens shouldn't be used with CP products. I stumbled across this info, it should really be on the product page as the instructions I have read indicate to use CP in the morning. I have three unopened bottles of sunscreen so I am going to switch CP to evenings.
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Dear StellaDiva:

Thank you for posting your feedback - We will take that into consideration.

But just to let you know: the time of day when copper-peptides is applied does not matter that much. You can use it in the evening or in the morning. There is no hard and fast rule on that.

Our suggestion to use it in the AM is only because typically hydroxy acids are used at night and it's good to start off with using copper-peptides at the opposite end of the day as your favorite hydroxy acid product.

Re: Zinc Oxide Sunscreens
Last year when asked what ingredients may interfere with copper peptides, Dr. Pickart replied:

"Zinc Oxide in sunblocks is the most obvious. If ionic zinc is released, the zinc can compete with copper ion for binding sites on cells." - See:

So it may be best to try a sunscreen with unmicronized titanium dioxide (without zinc oxide)... Doing a search on the forum might generate some good products, at least for investigation.

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