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Hello Everyone...

I started using Skin Signals+LacSal about two months ago and would like to write a small note about what I think of the products. I am 42 and previously used the copper peptide serum on and off for some years.

In short, I love them. I also stopped using anything with HA's, as advised. I stopped using anything with vitamin C long ago. I love that the creams have Q10 in them, as I think this is a wonderful ingredient for skin, even applied topically.

The creams feel comfortable and I had no strange reactions to them. No break outs, no redness, flakiness, nothing. I far prefer the Skin Signals to the copper serum.

After about one week I noticed that when I washed my face my skin felt denser, stronger. It's difficult to describe but I hope that anyone reading this will understand. Now, I can see that my skin is denser and my complexion as a whole looks so much better. It's even and clear and healthier. Fine lines (not many, mind you)are smoother.

I don't think I can be without these two bottles of beauty Frowner I don't feel like trying any other products either... so this will actually save you money Smiler This combination does not cover things up or make temporary change; it actually looks and feels like my skin is becoming better from the inside, regenerating better. We typically don't rely on makeup to change our appearance so it's wonderful that my skin has become healthier so no matter what, my appearance is better.

My only worry was about the lack of spf, but now I don't care. Besides, I live in a place that is not very sunny.

In the evening I wash my face and then apply the LacSal cream on my face and neck. I wait a few minutes, and the apply the Celes Oil.

In the morning I rinse (not wash, personal habit that works for me) my skin and then apply the Skin Signals on my face and neck. Following that, I apply my bb cream (with no HA's!!) and am ready for my day.

So... thank you so very much. I am a loyal client now.
Location: France!
Registered: 24 September 2011
Posts: 10
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I'm sorry, but I forgot to mention a few things.

I had a couple enlarged pores. They really didn't bother me but now they are gone and I am happy. Also, along my jawline, I had a bit of redness and some marks. Those, too, have faded to the point of being able to be covered up by a light bb cream.

Lastly, I had an appointment with my aesthetician yesterday morning (that is partly the reason I had waited until today to write reviews) and she very very discreetly made a comment (as they do) about my skin and asked what I was using.
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Originally posted by jmarie:
After about one week I noticed that when I washed my face my skin felt denser, stronger.

Oh how interesting jmarie!

And we definitely understand what you are commenting about.

We've had a number of clients report better "firmness" and "thickness" to their skin (all of which contributes to smoother, tighter-looking skin skin.

That is our goal here at Skin Biology and we're happy to hear in detail how things are working out for you!

Please keep in touch.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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