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I'm brand new to using these products, just got the CP Serum today and decided to try some before going to bed. I washed my face and put a dime size amount in my hand and just dipped a finger in and spread it all over face, neck and upper chest. Didn't even use the whole amount. My skin completely changed all of a sudden!!! I have never seen anything do that before. It looks like I just got a facelift, my skin is tightened up and incredibly smooth, my wrinkles just sort of flattened out. Actually, better than a facelift because I had one, and my skin didn't look this good afterwards. No irritation or anything... no redness. If the product was too strong, wouldn't I have discomfort or something? I'm actually a little freaked out! Does it normally do this? or has anyone else ever had this happen? I can't have used too much, I used less than the instructions actually. Is there some kind of skin tightener in the serum that's not related to the copper peptides? I seriously look amazing and I'm wondering, is this just temporary or could it possibly stay this good or even get better? I'm 58 btw... I suddenly look 10 years younger lol... I'm too excited to sleep now!
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Ok, followup the next day and my skin has (sadly) returned more to its normal look... it's actually still smoother, but my wrinkles are back lol. Is that incredible effect some kind of an astringent action? Altho it didn't feel like any that I've used before because it kind of just lifted everything... really amazing Big Grin
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I believe you cannot expect some dramatic and persistent changes overnight. I suppose the sudden change you saw within seconds might be due to the fact that your skin was dry and so the products moisturized it in the right way. Or it may be placebo too.

In any way, you can certainly expect great results if you are consistent.... just not dramatic and persistent changes in wrinkles or lines within seconds or minutes or hours, because skin takes time to repair itself and change (like any biological system).

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Dear Bo:

We are happy to hear that you have not experienced any irritation - But typically clients report seeing a difference in their skin after about 4-6 weeks of use since it takes time for the copper-peptides to start working in the skin.

CP Serum does not contain an astringent or any agents that are especially drying, but it is fairly strong.

We hope you'll continue to post your experiences throughout your use of the product.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology

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Hello again,
This is another update FWIW... I have been using the copper serum daily in the morning since my first post. Each time I use it, after a few minutes, I see a very noticeable smoothing of my skin, a tightening of my pores, and a healthy "glow" to my face... this is not as dramatic as the response on my first night of use, but still quite noticeable. My skin tone has started lightening up and isn't as red as it was just a few days ago. This is all in a few days of use and is definitely not a placebo effect or just my imagination. I am truly amazed at the rapid response of my skin to the CP which, I fully realize, is not the usual response in such a short period of time! I certainly didn't expect this and can only be amazed at how much my skin loves this product. Have also started using the Super GHK on my eye area upper and lower btw, with no irritation, and emu oil over all. FYI, my skin was in quite good shape I feel prior to having started using the CP serum, having used some very potent actives for months now with an excellent response over time. But nothing like this! Thumbs UP!

My only regret is that I didn't start using these products sooner!
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Sometimes there are rapid effects with copper peptides. It seems the skin may be primed for changes but stuck.

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