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Am I the only one, or am I experiencing a placebo effect? I have just cleansed with your cleanser, rinsed it off with water then applied GHK cream then a little Emu oil.
My skin feels a little tighter but really good, almost like when you are really thirsty and get a good long drink of water!
It has to be psychological as I have been really looking forward to these products arriving, which by the way was incredibly quick!!( I live in the Scottish Highlands and even within the UK you have to add on an extra few days this was just amazing !!) So I think I a complete convert, gone are the days of buying buckets of moisteriser to try and keep my skin from drying out.
Thank you Dr Pickart
Even just for this lovely soft moisterising feel it is worth waiting for, all the rest are benefits.
Thank you again
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Sylvia, That doesn't suprise me that you noticed your skin feeling better with only one application.

Getting rid of your old cleanser, moisturizers, etc. often is the KEY to noticing a difference immediately.

Many cleanser strip the skin drying it out while most moisturizer just wet the skin by plumping it a bit by pulling water out of the skin...this causes a "catch 22 effect" where you are needing to add more.
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