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I have found lately that I have quite a deep line developed after doing Flex Effect; therfore, I'd like to incoporate a serum/cream inot my eveing routine.

Now I do need your advice!

Which SB eye care product that you think it work for you?

Super GHK Copper Cream
Super GHK Copper Serum
CP Night Eyes Premier
CP Night Eyes Regular

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Dear Carrot,

It would help to know if you are blemish prone or able to use creams without any problems. If you are just starting out, you will want to go slowly especially with the delicate eye area.

I would recommend either the CP Night Eyes Premier or the Super GHK Cream. The Super GHK Cream also helps with discoloration, such as dark circles. If your skin in very prone to break outs even around your eye then I would recommend the Super GHK Serum.

Just place a small amount of the product in the palm of your hand and apply all around the eye area with the ring finger, dabbing very gently. Let us know what you decide is best for you.

Best Wishes
~The SkinBio Team

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