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I wonder if Skin Biology has looked into the creation of a moisturiser for more oily/combination skin?

I have used and very much like the Celes oil and emu oil. However, they are quite hard to use on my relatively oily (male) skin. I need to use a tiny amount and attempt to spread it evenly (usually involving a fair amount of pressure!). Even then, I usually end up with shiny skin and need to dab a bit off with absorbent paper. It would be great to have a more spreadable cream type formulation. I don't know if that is chemically possible.

The cosmetics companies e.g. Clarins have addressed this quite well with products for male skin. Some of these are nice and matte after application. Of course, they have the dubious commercial ingredients and no copper petides...

I'm not sure if the oily/male skin market is not big enough to look into this?
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Emu Oil is lighter.

Our just use CP Serum. This will help moisturize the skin.
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