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I was lucky enough to be given a sample of the P&R Body Lotion. I am not sure of which scent it was, but I would guess it's the basic scent. I like it a lot and have been using a little on my legs after showering. Our water has many minerals in it and that is a challenge for me, but not with this lotion. The consistency is not so thick so a little goes a long way. The skin that I have applied it to (including my chest) is in much better form now (especially my breasts). My leg skin looks a lot smoother and not as flakey. Although I like the scent of this sample, I believe I will ask for the yang slang and nutmeg scent next time as I imagine it smells very nice.
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Nice review jmarie!

Thanks for noting that the P&R Body Lotion only requires very little to be applied.

The breast area, where the skin is already quite thin and with aging thins even more, responds particularly well to copper peptides.

When you pick up your P&R Body Lotion Ylang Ylang/Nutmeg... you may also want to request a free sample of one of our latest scents: Raspberries & Cream is really nice and the NEW Grapefruit Oil scent is becoming a client favorite as well!

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