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I have a flat pitted Scar On the now under a little colorless blemish. I bought Trireduction and also have Retin A, Dermaroller and TCA that can be deluted. How can I use combine then to achieve a lift? I do not have a budget to buy more at this point, maybe one alphahydroxy product but that is all.

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The best we can recommend are helpful tips to achieve a reduction in the appearance of the blemish - Here's the regimen that has worked for many clients (using the products you've outlined that you have):

• Easy-to-Follow Regimen for Improving Skin:

We would recommend carefully reviewing the following link on copper-peptides:
Reducing the Appearance of Marks/Blemishes - What Really Works
Tips on How to Use Copper-Peptides Properly

The key to reducing the look of blemishes lies in the use of a good method of exfoliation (with hydroxy acid and/or manual abrasion) + copper-peptides. Keep in mind that consistency and patience are vital.

AM Use:
Apply a light amount of TriReduction Cream (which contains an effective concentration of copper peptides + retinol). Application should be so light that it just barely covers the area without leaving it heavy with product. If you have sensitive skin: Base the skin first with a light biological oil.

PM Use:
Use your retinoic acid product as directed. Depending on the strength of Retin-A, it can also be used every other evening. Use as directed for you personally.

NOTE: We would strongly recommend to be very careful with your use of TCA peels. It is a strong compound. For those interested in use of chemical peels, Dr. Pickart recommends other acids that are more gentle with less risk of damage due to overuse.

Remember less is more. Do not stress the skin in an attempt to remove damage quickly. We strongly recommend a slow approach. Contact Skin Biology for personalized suggestions at:

Frequency of rolling with your micro needling device will depend on the area, your skin's sensitivity, and the length of needle. But here are general tips:

How to Use: Basically a good rule of thumb is to let the device do the work for you. Avoid pressing too hard or rolling too swiftly. First time users will want to simply roll gently. Use little or no pressure --- let the device do the work.

The idea is to simply create "in-roads" for improved copper peptide penetration.

See our YouTube Video at:

How Often to Use: Take Periodic Breaks to Allow Skin to Recover | Remember: Less is More

Frequency will depend on needle length, goals (general anti-aging or blemish fading etc), and client sensitivity. In general, once a month is sufficient for many.

LESS IS MORE: Overuse of your device will not improve results and may harm your skin. Only use the device as instructed.

• Easy-to-Follow Regimen for Use with Microneedling Device

See our page on Enhance Skin with Copper Peptides and Micro Rolling

HOW TO USE: After needling, apply a light amount of any copper peptide serum (a cream such as TriReduction may be substituted but test on a small area first).

For general tips, please see our YouTube Video on How to Use Copper Peptide Serums After Skin Needling at:


Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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