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Hi All

I've emailed skinbio direct by as yet have had no reply so hoped I could get some advice here.

I live in the UK so due to large shipping charges and possible import duty would like to avoid buying incorrect products.

I am 39. Female. I live in London, but lived in New Zealand until I was 22 so experienced a lot of sun damage during this time.

I am a brunette with naturally pale skin and pink cheeks, but I do tan a little in the summer despite sunscreen.

My skin is dryish on the jaw with a predisposition to redness.
Pink with tiny broken capillaries on the cheeks.
A little oily on the T-Zone.
I am prone to spots on my chin, forehead and hairline.
I have smile and sleep wrinkles around my eyes and they are also a little "baggy".

I would like to address skin firmness/plumpness in general, wrinkle reduction and firming/lifting around the eyes and skin being more moisturised.

In the summer I spend quite a lot of time in the sun as I'm a waterskier, so this might need to be taken into consideration. Also, a routine that doesn't involve waiting 20 minutes between application of products is key.

Skin Signals looks great from before and after pics on this forum, but unsure if it's possible to go straight into using these and which skin signal (cream/serum) and which support products would be best.

Thank you in advance for your help.

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You've done some research Smiler The Skin Signals Cream or Serum would both look ideal for your situation.

The basic difference is the SS Serum is a touch stronger which may be better at tackling damage. While the SS Cream has more Collagen and Elastin fragments and some GHK copper peptides. So it should be a touch better at firming.

Thats actually splitting hairs a bit as both are very similar. Both reduce the appearance of damage and increase firmness. But are designed slightly different.

On the 20 minute thing. Your going to need some form of exfoliation like Lascal or Exfol a few times per week. You can apply those at opposite ends of the day. Like CP's in the morning and Lascal at night since you don't have to remove the SB acids.

Also it dosen't matter if its an hour or many hours later. The 20 minutes is just the time needed for the acids to do their thing. So you could apply those anytime as long as you wait 20 minutes before applying CP's.

On International orders you get one sample for every $30 spent. Example: if you order say Skin Signals Cream and Lacsal that would put you over $60 and you could get 2 free samples of Skin Signals Serum which would be 30ml free Smiler You have to add the bonuses manually to your order before checking out.

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Hi Sprout,

The 20 min rule only applies if you are using a leave-on hydroxy such as LacSal or Exfol, followed by CPs. That is a minimum wait time to allow the hydroxy acid which is a lower pH to work.

The best way would be to apply hydroxys & Cps at opposite ends of the day. Perfect is you are using Skin Signals Cream which contains both 1st & 2nd gen CPs. GHK does not hold up to hydroxys like 2nd gen SRCPs, so opposite ends of the day would be ideal for you.
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Dear sproutmeister:

Hopefully you've been able to receive our reply from your personal skin consultation sent on Jan. 12th - If you have any further questions, feel free to post here or reply back to the email sent.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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