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my wife is 32years old. she is having problem with wrinkle under the eyes and eyebag. previously she have use GHK serum before.

after reading through the forums, i am looking at skin signal and TTT.

any other recommendation? what about a gentle exfol? although that not what i am comfortable with for area under the eyes.

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Skin Signals and TTT works well but start the Skin Signals lightly.

Our Exfol Serum is mild, pH 3.6, and should not harm any bodily areas.

These are general starting instructions for rejuvenating the skin. But everyone's skin is different, so it may take some experimenting to find what works best for yourself. Also, start the products lightly. The biggest mistake is overusing the products when starting.

The process of rejuvenating the skin with our method is slow, but not irritating. Reducing the appearance of wrinkles and skin lesions is much slower. But even very strong Retin-A takes about 2 years to reduce the appearance of major wrinkles at the price of chronic redness and irritation.

Also, most people have buried skin damage under relatively good-looking skin. This will slowly emerge and your skin many look worse for a time. Look at

Look at and and read the comments.

Usually other blemishes such as moles, skin tags, sun damage spots, etc become less visible with time.

For your face.....

Copper peptides supply nutritional copper to the skin. Without adequate copper, the skin cannot rejuvenate the skin. Numerous studies from the USDA Nutrition Laboratories indicate that most of the persons ingest too little copper.

Our serums work best on oily skin areas like the T-Zone and the creams are best for drier skin areas. The fastest actions are on general skin tone and "glow".

The best results for to improve the appearance of wrinkles, pores, and loose skin that that we hear from our clients are:

1. Use a very mild cleanser such our Gentle Clean. Do not over cleanse your skin. Use biological oils such as squalane or emu oil to remove make up.

2. Our Serums are best on sensitive skin or oily outbreak-prone skin. Our creams work best of dryer skin areas. Sebum Be Gone helps reduce excess facial sebum.

3.In the morning, use CP Serum in the morning followed by Emu Oil-S for Skin. Start with 2 drops of each daily for your face and increase the amount slowly. If your skin feels oily, blot off the excess oil with a tissue. Later you might change to Super CP Serum.

4. For your eyes, use the search function and read about products for the "eyes" at at This is a difficult area but it can be greatly improved.

5. At night, you might alternate Exfol Cream or our new LacSal Cream and Protect & Restore #3 - a high retinol cream. If you have problems with oily, blemish-prone skin, then use Retinol-free P&R#2.

6. Many women also use Super Cop lightly at night, but you should use the other products before you move to this very strong product.

7. The Day Cover can be used for moisturization when outside.

8. Copper peptides and retinoic acid applied together often work very well.

9. You may also benefit from our newer Skin Signals products which uses copper bound to peptides from elastin and collagen. See the Skin Signals Solution - and Skin Signals Cream by using the search function at

10. Daily supplements of 1 gram Vitamin C and 1 gram MSM also help rejuvenate skin proteins. 5 grams of Flaxseed Oil which contains high levels of gamma linolenic acid, helps some people with dryness and irritation.

11. Stress inhibits skin rejuvenation by increasing blood cortisol. Stress also shortens your telomeres and your life. Taking 50 daily of DHEA for a few months may help block the cortisol effect and stimulate skin rejuvenation.

12. Regular aerobic exercise floods more blood into the skin and speeds skin rejuvenation and health. Vigorous exercise also lengthens your telomeres which in turn helps your skin health.

13. Microdermabrasion cloths (cost about $10) often help remove older skin cells.

14. Skin needle rollers also can help skin rejuvenation. But do not use them more than every 1 or 2 weeks. Be certain to effectively wash the rollers after use and sterilize it before further use.

15. For very resistant skin areas, an esthetician can use deep peels with strong acids and/or needling to break up hard skin tissue and scar tissue. This can get thing going in the right direction.

Also take a look at

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thanks Dr. Pickart.

i am about to order your products but just one more question. how to we know whether skin signal solution or skin signal cream is better for what situation?
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Dear Private Ryan,

I would recommend that you carefully read this link: The Special Needs of the Eyelids/Eyes

It really depends upon what type of skin your wife has. Is she able to handle creams or serums? If she does not do well with them the Skin Signals Solution would be best. She can use it all over her face if she would like. If she can use creams the Skin Signals Cream is very good for the eye area.

If you experience excessive dryness, use a little less of the copper peptide products or rest the skin by only applying a light amount of either Emu Oil S for Skin Or Retinol in Squalane. It is important to start slowly around this delicate area.

Follow with Two Timing Tightener for a quick tightening effect. It is a very nice DMAE serum.

More Options

Exfol Cream (2% hydroxy acid) or LacSal Cream (Lactic/Salicylic Acid Mix) or NEW! Lactic Power 10™ (pure 10%Lactic Acid) can used lightly to help exfoliate. Do not overuse exfoliation methods around the eyes. Just lightly apply around the orbital bone. It can be used every other night at first if it feels too strong.

Best Wishes,
~The SkinBio Team
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got the product. the shipping is pretty fast. thanks!!! my wife is thinking of using it as below. please kindly advice if there is a better way of doing it.


SS cream


SS cream
Retinaol in Squalane

i have also got the eye cream for her just in case the SS cream is too strong in the beginning. thanks!!!
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My name is Olivia Thomas;
I'm 36 and starting to get wrinkles on my face;
I have bought botox from meds4care to treat wrinkles.

Allergan Botox Allergan Botox is injected into muscles and used for a short period of time to improve the look of:
• Moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows
• Moderate to severe crow’s feet lines
• Moderate to severe forehead lines you may receive treatment for frown lines, crow’s feet lines, and forehead lines at the same time.
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