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Hello! I was just wondering what you think of red light therapy for wrinkles and acne scars? Also, could I do both Derma needling and RLT (along with CPs) at the same time to help with wrinkles? Thanks!
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Dear figrsk8er:

Others may post their comments from personal experience. But since we do not carry these systems, our knowledge of how they work together with CPs comes strictly from client reports.

According to what clients have used in the past, clients have had particularly good results with both systems and our Regular CP Serum.

Please see the following quotes from professionals and individual clients:

"The DPL lights REALLY works great in combo with SRCPs. I treated a female 38 yo. with terrible melasma, we treated with DPL and SC-serum two times a week 4*9 minutes, and the melasma is fading, 5 weeks!"

"Combining CP with the DPL unit is an excellent idea! When you first start using the DPL unit, use it on clean skin. After a couple of weeks, apply your CP first and then use the DPL. Clients are reporting exceptional results using it that way."

"I also love DPL Light Therapy at home (I use the Lite Stim LED Light) and find it really calms my skin down if it's irritated in any way...seems to enhance the results of my products (Copper Peptides and Retin-A mainly)."

"I just got permission from Skin Biology to post that I offer the DPL Therapy Light... It works GREAT with copper peptide - like putting CP on steroids!"

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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