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Have you thought about making the SSS a little thicker, more serum like instead of the watery substance it is now? Maybe I need an idea of how to apply it instead of spraying it on. I don't want to spray it in my hand like the video shows because I want every drop to be absorbed by my face, not my hand.
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Dear Lilly:

Thanks for posting your feedback!

Well, Skin Signals Solution was designed to be a very aqueous solution that will work through the spray function on the bottle.

Most users (myself included) apply the product right on the skin. The application should be extremely light. One spray is plenty per quadrant of facial area. For example, use approximately 4 spritzes (upper left, upper right, lower left, lower right). No need to rub in afterward.

On the video the user does apply to the hands first, but this is not necessary.

Spraying it directly on the skin is the best way to use absolutely all of your product (without any wasted on the hands or on a sponge or other applicator).

As an option for a thick serum, we'd suggest CP Serum, Super CP Serum, or the new VIP Luxury Serum. These serums are also excellent, but they do not contain the mix of skin-firming ingredients (hydrolyzed peptides of collagen and elastin) that is in Skin Signals Solution.

Best Wishes,
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Location: San Diego
Registered: 22 January 2019
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Ok, thanks for replying.
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