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Hey, I have posted some posts approx. about a year ago and I am looking for the information provided by Dr Pickart in those posts but I can't find them. When I go to my profile, I see that the posts must be there because it says I have 14 posts. I saved a link to one of my posts but get this The community administrators have made this forum inaccessible.

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can anybody help, an admin maybe?
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Dear tobiastorgenson:

We may be able to assist you. Some posts may have been removed due to content.

FDA regulations only allow posts that are general in content and speak about the general look or appearance of the skin without making any suggestion of claims for treatment of any diagnosable skin condition.

Posts with references to diagnosable skin conditions have had to be removed.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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talk about government censorship
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I agree.
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