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I have been using CP's for almost 20 years now, On and off. but always return to copper peptides.
Now its soon 2021 and people are raving about the "NEW" buzz in beauty business. Hey i have been using it for 20 yrs!
But with different Companys on he market, discover copper NOW, they offer "the best" copper pep's products. And celebs discover them and in a week it's a hype. But i would never buy anything else even though i live in Sweden. Its The original thats the best, and that in the world!!
I wanted to say a couple of words regarding the uglies.

If you use active products on your skin, your skin will react, Peels, retinol, cp peptides...
Nothing new. When it comes to copper peptides, we all have different skin, connective tissue in dermis. Copper do 2 major things, remodel, rebuild. When this two go along each other you see skin rejuvenating. But when not, your skin is will show the "uglies".

Skin and body is working to remove damaged cross liked sugars, proteins, in a way that you only can do with copper peptides!! Take this advance.

Your skin will take avay the "rusty", broken steel structure, it will bear up the skin, but barely and poor. With copper peptides its speeded up and the rusty structure will be removed..and you will see the you'll see the actual damage, but underneath new strong structures is constructed. Its-re built, sometimes a couple of weeks after this event. They are not in "sync". I've noticed that the skin snaps back if you dilute the cp's with water and a huge factor:

DONT EAT SUGARS!! Sugar is a huge contributor to skin damage. Google "sugar damage skin". And read
Aid your body to heal itself with copper peptides, vitamines and a good choice of lifestyle. You cannot drink soda pops, ead candy, fried food and think your skin is gonna rebuild fast. Remember, skin is your body too.

Eventualy the skin will snap back and you will look even better than before.

I have experienced itching swollen, sagging, creepiness, but all is gone, i learned that with the best skincare in the world, you have to give the whole yourself time to heal. The only sugar-like thing i do consume is wine, on the weekends dinnertime. So again you cannot build a structure with rusty frames.

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