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I just ordered a microneedling device from your shop, with 1.0 mm needle length.
Now I've had great experiences with my former device, which had 0.5 mm needles, so I want to give this more longer needles a try.
I just got a bit scared reading an article about microneedling in which the woman who performed this at home as well, twice a week, got more sagging skin a year after the treatments. HHow can this be? Was the mirconeedling too frequent? No time for the skin to repair itself?
I actually only used the device about 4 times a year and was planning for the new device to use this schedule as well.
I don't want more wrinkles or sagging skin and still want to continue the microneedling device. So how often should I use the 1.0 mm needles?
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Dear Lizzy:

Thank you for posting your question!

As with nearly anything, it is important to avoid misuse (and overuse) of needling devices.

When used properly, at-home devices have worked extremely well for many years now.

Twice a week with a 1.0mm is probably much too often. Most of our clients use their device once a month (even once every 4-6 weeks).

The best tip we can give is to take periodic breaks to allow your skin to recover - From both client and professional feedback, the recovery time (or the time allowed when you are not using the device) is just as important, if not more, than the actual period of use.

Your schedule of 4 times a year should generate some great results.

We try to emphasize to clients that their micro needling devices are simply methods to boost their results. It is not designed to take the place of an every day skin care regimen.

The other important tip we can provide is to allow the roller to do the work for you --- Some may be dragging or rolling too hard or aggressively. A gentle hand is all that is needed when you use the device with an effective copper peptide.

Of course, on the internet it can be nearly impossible to really know how exactly the person was using the item (what went wrong, how much they were rolling, what was the original condition of their skin, what other products/procedures they were simultaneously trying etc etc)... So we really can't speak to what was presented in the article you read.

But we do have additional tips and information that may be key to understanding how to properly use your device.

Contact us at 1-800-405-1912 or send an email to and we'll be happy to give you more personalized instructions.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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