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Hi - This is what I have been doing. I Cleanse my face, then I apply Super Cop 2x extra strength (after I ran out I used skin signals) on my entire face and under my eyes. Then I would apply Renova. Then I would apply Squalene. I do this twice a day and the skin under my eyes is less elastic than ever and the wrinkles are getting worse. I have been doing this for about 8 years. What am I doing wrong? Zero improvement just getting worse.
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Dear Puppychew:

It sounds like you are using to many products at the same time. This can actually slow your progress.

It is very important to use all Skin Biology products as directed: Super light applications that
just barely cover the area and do not leave the skin excessively wet or heavy with product.
Generally, a pea-sized amount is plenty to cover a 3-4 inch area. It is always best to apply
less than what you feel you might need rather than more. And typically we recommend only
once a day applications.

So our best tip for what to do if you overuse the product is to avoid this scenario in the first

Less is More.

However, if you've already been using the product “heavy-handed”, too many times a day, or
using a product that is just too strong for your skin type – Here is how you can rest your skin:
Effectively rest the skin by using only a biological oil such as Emu Oil-S Lipid Replenisher,
Squalane or a light DMAE serum such as Two Timing Tightener (the DMAE -
dimethylaminoethanol is an antioxidant based in aloe vera and vitamin E).

Rest the skin for the same amount of time that you had been overusing the product (i.e. if you
have been overusing the product for 2 weeks, rest the skin from all copper peptides for 2
weeks and use only your moisturizer). Using only your Squalane for 2 weeks should be a sufficient rest for your skin.

Be assured though that any negative consequences due to overuse will not be permanent.

How to Use Retin-A (Renova)and Copper Peptides Together

Retin-A can be used along with Skin Biology's copper peptide products. Here is our

• If you are using a copper-peptide oil-free serum (or liquid):
Apply the copper-peptides first then your Retin-A cream can be applied lightly on top.

• If you are using a copper-peptide cream:
Cream versions of our products with their fatty molecules may actually block the Retin-A
uptake. So it may be best to first apply your Retin-A product, then use copper peptides lightly
on top.

We can advise clients that Retin-A, depending on the percentage prescribed to them, might
increase the uptake of copper-peptides applied directly on top. So our copper-peptides may
feel stronger when used along with Retin-A.

Note: There is no need to use both retinoic acid products and our mild hydroxy acids products together. If client chooses to, they can alternate use (i.e. one night retinoic acid and the other night a mild hydroxy such as Exfol, LacSal, or Lactic Power). If the person has sensitive skin, we should ask why they would be using Retin-A in the first place. Or suggest to only use a mild hydroxy acid (such as 2% Exfol Serum) every once in a while.

For now it may be best to rest your skin for a few weeks and them begin back slowly using your products as recommended above. If you would like a personal consultation please email Your Online Consultant. or feel free to give us a call. We are always happy to assist you. (Toll Free: 1-800-405-1912.

It sounds like your skin would be much happier using your copper peptide once a day and your Retin- A Cream once every other day.

Best Wishes,
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Too much Renova can damage skin. If you apply squalane oil after Renova it can push too much Renova into the skin.
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