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Zinc oxide sunscreen and copper levels. Login/Join
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I have been using zinc oxide sunscreen (non-nano) for a while now and from reading some of the things on this forum about it lowering copper in the skin i was wondering if it was doing me more harm than good.

Would increasing copper through supplement help? Im too scared to try copper peptides as heard about the "uglies" it causes some people and im not in a state of needing my skin regenerated as such at this moment in time. I obviously dont want to stop using zinc oxide as i want to protect my skin well from UVA. Thanks.
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If you put a barrier of copper ions on your skin before the zinc oxide, this will protect you. Our copper sun works well. Just use a light coating on your skin before the zinc system.

In general, people intake too much zinc. I think this is the reason that so many relatively young people have gray hair. Copper is absolutely essential for hair color production.
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For some reason I thought that if you use your copper peptides there is no need for sunscreen. Is this incorrect?

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Dear Rockchick:

Sorry. That is incorrect. Copper peptides are not approved as a substitute for sunscreen or sun protection.

In fact, the FDA requires that we state, our products "do not contain a sunscreen and do not protect against sunburn. Repeated exposure of unprotected skin while tanning may increase skin aging, skin cancer, and other harmful effects to the skin even if you do not burn."

When Dr. Pickart mentioned in the above post to apply a barrier between copper peptides and zinc oxide sunscreen and said "this will protect you", he meant a barrier of biological oil/moisturizer would protect you again the potential of the zinc lowering the effects of the copper...

If you're looking for a good sunscreen, look for unmicronized titanium dioxide products.

Perhaps check out the message board here to see what others have been successfully using along with our products.

For instance, see:

Best Wishes,
-Skin Biology
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The is a study from 2003 that GHK totally blocked UV damage to cultured fibroblasts, but this was never repeated on actual humans.

New anti-RNS and -RCS products for cosmetic treatment. International Journal of Cosmetic Science, 2005, 27, 271–278.
J. Cebria´n*, A´ . Messeguer, R. M. Facino and J. Ma
. Garcı´a Anto´n*
*Research and Development Department, LIPOTEC, SA, C/Isaac Peral, 17, 08850 Gava`. Barcelona, Spain, Bioorganic
Chemistry Department, IIQAB-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain and Istituto Chimico Farmaceutico Tossicologico, University of
Milan, Milan, Italy
Received 7 March 2005, Accepted 11 June 2
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