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Well I ripped of about 1/3 of my middle fingers nail it is bleeding but not non stop. The bandaid seem to stop the bleeding. I want to know will my nail ever grow back normally how it was before?

Thank you

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8 months ago, I stubbed my big toenail, lifting the whole thing Weeping. I taped it down and it turned black and 5 months later the whole nail came off when I was in the shower. The last 3 months I have been using Skin Bio's Tin Peptide nail cream morning and night and half of the regrowth is looking really good. The first part of the growth is a little irregular but the newest growth is much smoother and more normal.

So Gustavo, there is hope! I think the Tin Peptide nail cream is the answer. When your nail bed has completely healed and not bleeding, start the TP cream. I also used some CP serum sometimes but you must wait until the area has healed. This may take a year before the nail looks good as new, probably sooner Thumbs UP!

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I'm the one that ripped off my entire thumb nail 2 months ago (post below). I really wondered if it would grow back at all because it looked like I tore out the matrix of the nail. Well, it's growing back...slowly...and looks okay so far.
I also started using the nail renewal cream a few weeks ago. I can't tell if it's doing anything yet but think it's worth a try. Just DON'T put in on your nail bed because it BURNS.
Good luck & try to just forget about your nail for a while because it takes a long time to grow back. Smiler
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