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I would like to strongly recommend Dr. Pickart's Tin Peptide Nail Renewal cream, particularly to women who have thin, peeling nails. My own experience has been nothing short of miraculous!

I have never, ever had nails long enough to show even a glimpse of white edge, much less enough to peek over the tip of my finger. I can remember have a friend tell me in high school (30 years ago) that "boys like girls with long fingernails" and worrying that my hands would always be ugly. No matter what I tried -- gelatin, polishes, strengtheners, fibers -- my nails always looked terrible, as if I was an incorrigible nailbiter (which I wasn't).

By the time I was 23, acryclic nails had become my way of having beautiful hands. However, after 22 years of regular trips to the nail technician and seeing how ruined my nailbeds had become, I decided to give Nail Renewal a try.

Wow! After using the cream every morning and evening for 3 months, I have 10 beautiful, ridge-free nails that show no signs of previous acrylic damage. I can't thank Dr. Pickart enough for sharing his products with the world. He has not only saved me money and time, he has helped improve my confidence.

Thank you Love


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We are doing more work on tin peptides. We have set up a new laboratory and this should speed product development.
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