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My nails are by nature prone to peeling, and they are very soft and rip easily. I could not grow the white tips any longer than 2-2.5 millimeters without them ripping.

A few months ago I got into french manicures, and I was painting my nails a couple times per week. As a result, my nails were completely trashed. Almost every one of them was peeling.

Then I turned to SB's Tin Peptide, and the results have been truly amazing. At first, the peeling got a little worse as the top layer of the nail got stronger, but I kept with it and they are now incredibly strong, stronger than they have ever been!! Every nail is at least 3 mm long (I have filed them back to get rid of the remnants of damage and for shaping). I can't bend my thumbnails at all.

I recently picked up a little nail buffer, and I buffed them to a high shine, and I love them so much I can't stop looking at them!

I apply the cream when I think of it, 0-2 times per day, probably averaging 1x/day.

Thanks so much, SB!
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Dear Rholl:

Good for you! We will add your testimonial to our page on the Tin-Peptide Nail Renewal.

Thanks for posting your experience.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Bio Team
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Does the tin peptide really work that well? I have weak and brittle nails and toenails, I can't grow them long at all without them tearing off! I so want to have long pretty nails and be able to have pretty toenails in the summertime, will this product really help me?
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Use the tin-ppetide but also take 2 grams of MSM daily. Inside/outside stimulation.
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