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I apply my CP Serum in the morning. I was going to order squalane as a moisturizer then apply my regular Neutrogena sunscreen, then makeup. I noticed that Protect & Restore Day Cover has squalane in it, which would enable me to get both in one product. However, the Day Cover also has CPs in it. Would that be too much peptides at once? If not, do I wait just until the CP is dry before applying the Day Cover?
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Dear SoftSkin:

You may want to use either Day Cover or CP Serum.

Although you could layer (it would not be "too much peptides at once") you may find it just a better use of your purchased product to use either one or the other.

However, Day Cover is milder than CP Serum. So a few clients have chosen to use CP Serum very lightly first (wait until dry) then apply Day Cover on top, because they want to use a stronger copper-peptide than just Day Cover alone.

Best Wishes,
-Skin Bio Team
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